Are you asking the right questions?

Hot Secret #1

This might be in danger of sounding obvious but you’d be surprised how little people really pay attention to this. When you think about it, asking the right questions is the starting point for any good communication, and as the core function of any brand is to communicate. We need to ask lots of questions, but what are the right ones to ask…

Take a couple of minutes and ask yourself:

Who are you?

What do you do?

& Why is it important?

If you can honestly answer these in a compelling and inspiring way which engages and attracts your customers then you are already on to a winner – good work!

If you’re unsure, or you think you have the answers but they’re not really very compelling, try asking yourself the questions again but this time apply a little creative thinking and answer them from your customers point of view

Its important to really get inside your customers mind before you start to communicate with them, and as your brand identity is the bread holding everything together it really is key to start here and spend as much time as possible asking the right questions to really get inside your customers mind.