I hold my hands up and confess…

As the expert at what you do. YOU are the centre of your world.

What you love, how you enjoy working, the little things that make you smile on a daily basis.

These things that are so very much at the core of who you are will not change.


You’ve heard me say this before, it’s everywhere I go, if there’s one things that’s kept my business and brand together over this past year it’s living this. Be more you.

When it comes to everything else around you, that’s going to change, embrace it and build your business on your core so that no matter what, you have that – that doesn’t ever really change.

Last week I popped you an email about having an identity crises.

Well, I hold my hands up and confess…

That website I spoke of, it was created on a pittance of a budget. I didn’t think I could ‘afford’ to invest in myself so I begrudgingly handed over a few hundred for the build and did all the design myself – design I can do, development I outsource – for my clients I outsource to the most amazing web developers who can take my designs and magic them into the most easy to use sites, but for me, I wouldn’t invest that for myself – I know! total conflict there, we’ll get to that another time.

So for me I would only spend as little as possible. And last year that was ok, I had a site I loved and it fitted me, for about 3 months! Yup, that’s how fast things changed this year.

You know when you’re on this mission to find yourself in your business things change pretty damn quick. And if you’ve been here for a year or more you’ll have seen first hand how my own business has changed – rapidly.

Me, however, well, I’m still the same me. Just a better 1-year-on-more-experienced me!

So back to this whole identity crises I found myself in.

After only a few months of last years website I started to dislike it. If you’ve been through any rapid growth you’ll know this feeling. You stop wanting to look at it. You stop wanting to show people to it, because it just doesn’t fit your business any more. Now, luckily I’m handy with a bit of Photoshop so I could whip up new banner headings and some graphics to tweak the pages and that tied me over for a while but another few months on. Things changed. Again!

6 months in and I was totally over my old site. I needed to strip things back and simplify it. My business was simplified, I wasn’t offering the same do-it-all design services and my website needed to reflect this. But as I started to dive deeper into the site, well, as my awesome web guys dove deeper, we uncovered a whole heap of mess. Really dodgy code work which lets face it, if you’re only spending a few quid you’re going to get a bodged job. But these issues meant I couldn’t make changes to my existing site. And the whole thing was going to have to be stripped apart and rebuilt!


So, I did what business owners tend to do when faced with a big bill to better themselves, I put it off. I stood still. With a website I knew was not working for me.

But a website that doesn’t work for you, limits you.

When it comes to your website, if you’re on a budget invest in a simple system you can edit your self, don’t pay some poor developer peanuts and expect a site you can manage yourself. Keep your hard earned bucks and embrace the DIY world. Something like Optimizepress with WordPress is genius for allowing you the flexibility to grow and change your own images.

And when you’re ready to take it to the next step, invest fully in yourself, make sure you have the right people on your team that get YOU, that appreciate and value what YOU do and will support YOU beyond the months it takes to create your website.

Invest in people who will support you as you grow and change, ultimately invest in YOU.

But first you have to take the time to get to know you, what’s at your core, what’s really driving everything you do.



Take some time today, grab a sheet of paper, or open a board on Pinterest and indulge in all the things you love. Start collecting images, words, photos, anything and everything that YOU love and feels so innately YOU.

Then look at your website, your Facebook profile, your brand and tell me how the 2 compare.

Hit me a message on email or pop a comment below this blog post and let me know how much YOU is really in YOUR BRAND.


Here’s to YOU, YOUR brand and YOUR business.


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