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What a difference a week makes!

Last Friday, I was writing to tell you about my pre-event panic. Remember that sporty orange-topped selfie and pre-marathon denial?

Well, I’m excited to tell you I actually completed that crazy, 24-hr relay – and I’m feeling pretty darn pleased with myself.

Seriously, 27 miles later (I did a few extra laps, just for fun!!!), between us, my besties and I completed 348 miles in just 24 hours. 

PLUS we raised over £3k for cancer research

Oh yes. We seriously nailed it and I’m super chuffed with our achievement.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 15.28.50

OK, maybe my feet don’t feel quite so amazing. Talk about swollen! But do you know what? Despite my fear (and a spot of foot pain), it really wasn’t as bad as I thought.

And whilst a tad more preparation would have made my recovery easier, now I know I can do this, I’m hot and ready for the next, big “get-out-of-your-comfort-zone-Dee” challengey thing.

Oh yes, Bring. It. ON! 

You’re even more AWESOME than you realise

Here’s the thing…

I learnt a huge lesson last weekend. 

Whilst I’m not suggesting zero preparation is a good idea (I know I would have crossed that finish line faster, stronger, and with far less effort if I’d properly prepared), my relay marathon showed me what I can do even when I think I’m NOT ready. Pretty cool, huh?

Look, I’m not sporty, but I DID A MARATHON for goodness sake! Now it helped that I broke the big goal into mini milestones. I knew how many laps I had to do, and I’d figured out what time I needed to achieve those milestones if we were to succeed.

But the real reason I was able to succeed because I had an unshakable goal and an amazing team who would not let me stop. 

Believe me, this is a very powerful combination.

My goal was super clear. And my team mates where there, right by my side, working towards the same goal as me. We all kept each other going and the elation of crossing that finish line feels way better than any puffy, foot-blistered pain could ever take away!

So, my question to you this week…


What goals are you giving up on because you need more thinking time, more planning time, or more knowledge? 

What ideas are you letting slip because your negative voice is telling you “it sucks”? 

Look, it’s very easy to find excuses to NOT commit – but after my crazy marathon I know amazing things happen if you just put yourself out there.

So why not allow yourself to go for that big scary business goal?

And don’t keep it to yourself (if you do, you may just wimp it) Instead, make your commitment public, share it with your team, and most importantly just get started.

I’ve never been sporty. And believe me it was very weird standing on my old school athletics track waiting for the start last weekend. My mind was overwhelmed with childhood memories of doing EVERYTHING possible to get out of running. But this time was different. This time I was there to conquer that damn track – and I did it 109 times.

One lap at a time.


Just CTFO, will you!

Incase you still need convincing, I had a conversation this morning with a lovely DeeBrand client who’s got a genius idea for a new infoproduct.

Sounds good right? 

Nope.  It’s still sat in her head.  WTF! 

Seriously! It’s not doing her (or her customers) any good in there. In fact, it’s just causing her stress and frustration and misery.

So we had a “conversation”. She made some commitments, I’m on hand to help with that all-important design and branding. And right now, she’s busy getting the first baby steps nailed so that her infoproduct can become real – FINALLY. (You’ll be amazed what a dee-brief can lead to!)

What do they say? “It’s better out than in”. 

Believe me, you’ll feel a HEAP better when you actually get cracking. What’s more, when you start, the doing will be sooooo much easier than you think.  You probably don’t even need to start completely from scratch. Who can you learn from who’s already done what you want to do? Which business bestie will give you the kick you need? Which tools or professionals could you invest in to speed up the process?

Life is short, *&it happens, and you’ll never know the outcome until you try. [Click to Tweet This!]

 So come on, make a decision. Be a doer not a thinker.

Commit to something RIGHT NOW.

And kick your business to another level.

Pinkie promise you’ll be so very glad you did.


P.S. If it’s graphics, branding or design that’s holding you back I can help. Here are a few things to get you started…


P.P.S. If you wanna know what CTFO means – ping me an email and I’ll reveal all ;-)

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