I’m never doing that again

I never want to move house again!

Sure, I’m super pleased now it’s all done, but honestly, it was a HUGE headache.

Despite the stories, I honestly didn’t expect it to be quite so stressful. I mean, we had a buyer, we knew where we wanted to go, and we had a timescale. It seemed so easy to me – yet there was a time when it was touch and go whether the move would actually happen.

And the worst thing was I HATED not being in control.


Seriously. How often do you get frustrated when you have a plan, BUT you can’t implement it quick enough because you’re dependant on someone else?

Marketing is a really good example of this because…

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 17.12.21

And anyway, you don’t have the time to faff around making tweaks and discussing what should go where on your digital flyer. And you don’t have the patience to wait for that designer you called last week to get back to you!

You know all too well that if you’re too slow, a competitor (who annoyingly has the same idea), will be hot on your heels, spreading their message and tempting all your customers away (yikes).

But if you lack design skills, I’m sure you’ve endured this problem more than once. If so, you’ll also know that it’s not a simple case of finding a designer to solve your problem. Because even if you do find a good one who gets you (and who doesn’t break the bank), you’ll still be dependent on their availability.

Until now…

Darn you designers…

Whilst my business doesn’t get held back by a lack of graphics and imagery, I totally get your frustration…

You see when it comes to words… well, that’s a whole different thing.

Now it’s not that I have anything against words. And to be honest, I’ve written some pretty hot copy in my time! The trouble is that it takes me f o r e v e r to write anything half decent… and even when I do have my pencil mojo, I still get tangled, twisted and gripped with frustration at just how long it takes me to write a paragraph.


After all, us business owners aren’t the most patient of beings. Especially because timing is a HUGE factor in success.

And this problem got me thinking…

How would it be if you had the confidence, tools and know-how to create the marketing you need for your business – when you need it?

How would you like to NOT faff around with a designer for all the bits and pieces you need to market your business?

And how would it be if you could;

  • Change the text or look of your Facebook cover, in a flash
  • Create seriously hot, promotional posters to post on social media
  • Whizz up a kick-ass postcard to spread the word about a time-limited offer
  • Wow your customers with bespoke thank-you cards
  • Shape up your website with a smart, new web banner
  • Present your knowledge and expertise in a well-designed eBook
  • Create fab social share images to build your brand on social media platforms
  • Give you worksheets and workbooks for your next presentation the “wow” factor

All to a seriously hot, totally PROFESSIONAL standard, all by yourself?

Pretty cool, huh?

In fact, if you could do all that, you really could SACK your designer and take back control over your marketing? Imagine that ;-)

I’ve not just been moving house you know!

Over the past few months, as well as battling with developers, estate agents and solicitors, I’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches to my membership site.

You see, Get It ByDeesign has been a well kept secret of mine for a while now…

I know some of you have already heard about it. In fact, some of you reading this may be one of my original members (love you!)

Get It has become a pretty big thing for me.

It started life as a tool for my VIP clients to put their new brand into action. But after countless requests from people who had seen the cool stuff my VIP clients were creating – by themselves – I launched a little test and offered membership to my wider list.

And I was super excited to see the massive ROI my members are enjoying. They’re doing amazing things with the treasure trove of marketing templates and I’m loving the fab feedback I get, almost daily. So my team and I have focused A LOT of time and love on the site over the last few months. We’ve been busy ironing out the backend glitches and making the whole experience a ton more user friendly. We’ve created something pretty darn special, and I know you’re going to LOVE it when it’s relaunched in 2 weeks time.

And to mark the occasion we’re throwing a big party, and of course you’re invited. But don’t panic you don’t need to bring a present! Instead, I’ve got a whole stack of gifts waiting for you, so if you fancy getting your hands on some special launch party treats then make sure you RSVP via Your Personal Party Invite.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.51.45

Get It is already chock-full of templates for just about every situation you can imagine, and it’s about to get a whole lot more jam packed with tons of Deesign magic.

So if your marketing head never stops and you want to be sure your business can keep up with your thinking, RSVP to Your Personal Party Invite. And I’ll see you at the party!

I promise, you’re going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it :-)

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