Five Ways To Use Design As A Marketing Tool

I’ve done my best. I’ve tried to hold back, but I can’t anymore.

There have been a few incidents recently where my controversial, opinionated self-has been unleashed and I just have to say it as it is. One of my most recent outbursts on Facebook was towards the ever-growing trend to just ‘let it go’ which I’m all for when it does more good than harm but this trend is starting to do more harm than good. But we’ll save that for another time.

Anyways, here’s what’s got me all het up today.


What is it with business owners who still think design is only good for making things look ‘pretty’.

Cue tearing-hair-out frustration.

Seriously, if you’re a business owner who’s still on the wrong side of the design fence, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, if you think design is only good for adding the finishing touches, then you’re screwing with your business and turning off some of your very best leads.

That’s because design is about so much more than how something looks. If I had my way anyone marketing a business would give design equal weight to copy and offers.

For sooooo many reasons. Here’s a few to get started.

Design is subtle, secretive, and super seductive

  •       It’s the never-tiring warrior – who inspires all the right thoughts and feelings
  •       It’s the ambitious party planner – who creates an experience that wows
  •       It’s the sweet-nothing-whispering temptress – who convinces your tribe to buy

It’s the under-explored marketing tool that transforms your website, emails, blogs, and social media from ‘meh’ into ‘OMG I need this NOW’.

And that’s why this rant is l-o-n-g overdue.

You see I know how all out brilliant you are at your work. I know the pride, passion, and persistence you pour into what you do. I know you’re here to express your creativity, touch lives, and make your mark.

So crack the f*ck on and sort out your crappy visuals will you?

Those bland, rushed-up, didn’t-I-see-someone-else-post-that-image-yesterday visuals are doing you a BIG disservice. You’re letting your brand bitch behind your back. You’re turning people off without them even realising it!

And if you still don’t believe me, dig into these FIVE beauts.

In an effort to convince the inconvincible, I’ve put together my power list of FIVE irresistible proofs that design is the neglected marketing tool your business needs to embrace immediately.

So here goes…


If you operate online then you’ll know just how hard it is to grab someone’s attention. With content thrown around like confetti, it can be a headache figuring out how to get all eyes on you.

And that’s where design is like your ‘pied piper’. Weaving a magic spell that captivates and calls the right people to attend.

That’s the power of your visuals. Not only do they cut through the noise, but they also influence the first impression that your audience has of you.

So give your design the respect it deserves! And ask yourself whether or not you’re creating the first impression that does justice to you and your business.


We don’t buy for logical, rational reasons. Instead, we buy based on gut reactions and instincts.

You know how it is. You’re only window-shopping. You have every intention of being ‘good’. Yet you still come home, laden down with goodies that caught your eye and had to be taken home NOW!

That’s the power of design.

It’s that silent persuader that works for your audience – without them even realising. The right colours, fonts, and images will inspire emotions. They make your audience feel a certain way. All this happens at a subconscious level too.

But here’s the thing…

Your design is making people feel something, whether you realise it or not. The question is, are they feeling the feelings you WANT them to feel – that makes the difference.

Remember, design is an art AND a science.

Different fonts, colours, and images inspire different reactions.

With a bit of thought, you can INFLUENCE those reactions – so you and your business get associated with labels of YOUR choice.



Think about Starbucks, Apple, or Coca-Cola for a moment.

 These are all household names so I imagine you have an instant reaction to them, perhaps not a favourable one, but I bet you know exactly what their logos look like.

And that’s another HUGE benefit that design can bring to your online marketing.

With so many businesses and experts competing in your little corner of the internet, it’s a massive advantage if people recognise your brand – whenever it shows up in their newsfeed.

Consistency is the word here.

Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for people to rely on the latest gimmick or tools from those DIY design sites. And don’t get me started on Facebook’s colour blocks!

Sure, these features may make your content look ‘nice’, but because everyone is using them, you don’t get any brand recognition brownie points. In fact, there’s always the risk that someone will see your stuff – and mistake it for someone else.

In comparison, if you create a design style that best reflects you, then you can ensure that every time you post something new, your tribe will instantly recognise it as YOU.



Visuals can persuade and influence people’s decisions.

  •       Pictures of people’s faces work exceptionally well when building connection
  •       Particular button colours are more likely to get clicked
  •       Design layout can draw the eye to particular parts of your message

You get the picture…

If you don’t use design in this way, you’re missing out.



Some people LOVE Starbucks, while others prefer Costa.

Some people will use nothing but Apple products, others swear they’re rubbish!

Some people only shop at Waitrose, others opt for Aldi or Lidl all the way!

Here’s the thing…

We’re all different! It’s stating the obvious, but we all have different likes and preferences. And this means regardless of how amazing your product or service is, not everyone is going to like you.

In fact, some people will have an even stronger reaction to you than that!

So why waste your time and effort trying to attract people who are never going to feel good about working with you? I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing more demoralizing and frustrating than pouring your heart into places that aren’t valued or appreciated.

And that’s another super powerful way to use your design.

Your brand will appeal to some, and not others. And best of all, you can influence the people who you attract.

And by far the easiest way to do that is to build your brand, and your designs, around your personality. It’s a perfect mix. You’ll tell people who you are – and in turn, you’ll attract the people who you’re going to LOVE working with – while turning off all those for who you aren’t a great match.

This smart way to use design in your business is going to:

  •       Save you a heap of time – because you can wave goodbye to all those time-wasting enquiries
  •       Make you feel more satisfied – because you’ll get to work with people you like
  •       Help you make more money – because clients pay more for the things they appreciate and value

That’s worth some attention right?!

Oh… and if you want to know how to put your personality at the heart of your design, check out this quiz I made for you on exactly that.


& Crack The F*ck On

If you’re frustrated because clients don’t take you seriously, undervalue your work, and question your prices, you’ve GOT to invest in your design.

Remember, your designs are telling your clients more than you realise – they may even be bitching behind your back.

So stop the sabotaging!

Quit kicking design to the bottom of the pile and stop making it a last resort.

Instead, explore the full potential design offers your business. Use it as a marketing tool. Let it help you build a personal brand. Use it to inspire your tribe and own your little corner of the internet world.

There is SO MUCH you can achieve if you get your design sorted – and I’m here to help you every step of the way :-)

So if you’re ready to CTFO, start with the quiz.

Are you in?

Then let’s do this… TOGETHER


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