Finding your thing

Hot Secret #5

Now this is where we really start to form the basics of your brand identity, even the big brands got their personality from, well… A PERSON! And there really is no better way of making your brand stand out than by putting the YOU right at the centre of it – now I’m not necessarily talking jumbo images of yourself everywhere! But it’s a well know fact that people respond better to images of people than of things like text! It’s the same principle for your brand identity, people respond better when they can see your person-ality, that’s just the way it is! And we love this HOT Secret even more because it really is the simplest way to inject difference into your brand identity!

You’ll need to make sure any designer you use for your business gets this, they have to be able to see what makes you YOU, what your real business vision is and translate this into your brand design in bucket loads. This is what sets the design ninjas apart from the fakers, some of us were born to see this in people – its our ninja skills!

And just because we’re in a sharing mood, here’s a simple secret way of seeing this for yourself.

Start by listing all the things about you & your business which you love and do almost without thinking, try not to think too much here, just list all the things that pop into your head when you think about what you do. Now cross off anything that your competitors could claim!

What are you left with? Do you have a couple of things on your list, one thing, or maybe even nothing?!! Ideally we’re aiming for you to have been left with one thing, which is your thing that no one else can claim, but don’t worry if you’ve managed to cross everything out – it’s just as useful to know this as it is to have found your thing!