Feel. Know. Act.

There’s really only 3 things you need to think about when creating anything; your website, sales page, social media updates, your blog, anything brand and business related – anything at all really.

This is your new mantra for life.

Feel. Know. Act.

In that order.

Before you create, write, design, anything, you’ve got to know what you want people to feel, then what you want them to know, and then the action you want them to take.

That’s it.

So the next time you approach your computer, respond to emails, post on facebook, write that sales post you’ve been putting off forever, I want you to recite these 3 words till they’re wedged in your mind like that time you tried to squeeze 4 people in the back of your mums old mini.

Feel. Know. Act.

Write it down. Stick it to your office wall. Tattoo it on your wrists. And then apply this to everything you do.

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