Expert Interview with Nikki Elledge Brown of A Course About Copy

You’ve got this great idea, you know how good it is, you know that what you have will make a big impact on the world. You just need to get it out there.

But when you sit down and try to get it out, when you try to write down on paper how great your idea, your course, your business is, you get stuck. The words that usually fall so beautifully into place disappear and fear creeps in… how the heck do you even start to communicate this to the world. How do you start that conversation, make those strong heartfelt connections that let your potential customers know how good what you’ve got is without sounding like a rambling crazy fool…

“I’m not a writer, I don’t know how to write good copy” while staring at a blank page and checking your emails for welcomed distractions.

But that’s not helping you get your message out there, but you know that.

So, what will help you get over that writers block and get your ideas out of your head and on to paper in a way that connects and attracts your perfect customers in an authentic, engaging way? Join Nikki & I as we talk all things conversations, connections & customers…

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Now, Nikki and I would love to hear from you.

What can you do today to start a conversation with your future perfect customers?

Let us know in the comments below, and if you know someone who can benefit from hearing this today share the love and link to this page!

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