The Curious Case of the Multi-Purpose Banner


I held a mini Q&A with my Tribe this week, and I had some pretty awesome questions (thanks everyone).

One of my favourite was from the lovely Lisa who wanted to know,

“what are the best ways to inject your personality into your business?”

Super smart question!

You see, when you inject your personality into your expert brand, you uncover something, which is entirely unique. After all, no one else does the work that you do, in the same way as you. You are your own category of one. And when you fully embrace this principle, the value of your brand automatically increases.

And it’s not just the uniqueness of your personality, which makes a personable brand so valuable.

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.36.04

When you screw trying to be different, and when you screw doing what anyone else is doing, your personality really shines through.

And guess what?

People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

In fact, once you’ve earned your “know, like, trust factor” with Mr Perfect Customer, there’s a much higher likelihood that he’ll want to work with you over everyone else. Pretty cool stuff, huh?

And here‘s a simple reason this is the case…

When you infuse your personality into your brand, customers instantly get a feeling for who you are, and how it would be to work together. As you can see, there’s a lot of powerful, subconscious communication going on here.

Let go. Be free with who you are. Mr Perfect Customer will LOVE you all the more for it

As a result, you become much more than a faceless brand and forgettable business name…

In my case, you become the cat-loving, Starbucks-drinking, brand designer who loves a bit of fun, planning on my big ass whitewall, getting away in my beloved VW campervan, and all things orange!

In short, by letting customers get to know you through the way in which you express your personality, you build rapport and forge a relationship – often before you’ve even met and spoken together.

And when customers (and potential customers) feel as if they know you BEFORE they’ve worked with you, well… you can imagine what that recognition and familiarity can do for reputation and demand.

So back to Lisa’s question, how exactly do you let your personality shine through in your brand?

Let me share some examples…

Dee’s TOP TIPS for building a personable brand

Your starting point is to get really clear on what YOU want.

  • What makes you smile?
  • What makes you laugh?
  • What gets you excited?
  • What makes you cross?
  • What do you stand for?

All these things feed your personality… they make you into the person that you are (and give insights into what you’ll be like to do business with) – so embrace your little idiosyncrasies. Be proud of the things that make you, you! Don’t try to be someone you’re not. And be expressive about the beliefs you have and the things you care about.

One really easy (yet effective) way to communicate all this to your tribe is on social media.

For example, you can use social share images to give your audience insights into the things that you believe and the things that are important to you. Being visual, these stand out. And when created with your brand colours and brand style, they reinforce your identity.

I LOVE taking photos with my iPhone and adding some text overlay. These work really well for me on Facebook and get stacks of engagement. And the more I post, the more people are drawn into my life (and my brand story).

Another tip is to use headshots – lots of them! If you’ve been around my brand for any length of time, you’ll know that my brand is FULL of them. I use my headshot on my Facebook cover, my web banner, my web slider, my Facebook ads, my social media timeline, my e-books… you name it. Because my personality is so tightly interwoven with my brand identity (just the way it should be if you want to create an expert brand) I ensure my headshots are prominent.

If you’re going to use headshots effectively in your brand, you need to be totally free with your facial expressions. I know! It can feel a little awkward. But if you’re serious about showing up in your true personality, you need to let your craziness, your happiness, your cheekiness, (or whatever best defines you) shine through.

So reveal yourself through your eyes and your smile. And take stacks of variations and different poses. That way you’ll have plenty of choices when creating your personable marketing.

The curious case…

If you’re serious about creating a profitable, personable brand, you have to be the face of your brand. It’s NOT negotiable.

And a super simple way to do this is through a banner image.

I LOVE banner images because they’re seriously hot brand-building (and marketing) collateral when you nail them. Here’s why:

  • They’re the perfect place to include a nice big headshot along with a mission statement that expresses what you and your brand stand for.
  • Incorporate a kick-ass opt in offer and your banner will do a cracking job at building your list too.


And here’s the curious thing…

You can re-use your banner on your website, your Facebook cover, in fact anywhere you have that lovely big space to shout about your business and attract the attention of Mr Perfect Customer.

The DIY Banner (That Looks like it was created by a pro)

So how do you create a banner image that builds your brand and your list at the same time?

Well, did you spot that banner image right at the top of this blog, have you seen it anywhere else? On My Facebook page for example, on my website page… even on the email that might have bought you to this page?!

Want to be let in a big designer secret…

Each of these banners was created using one of my BEBO templates.

Yup, each of these professional visual marketing images created in PowerPoint with one of my BEBO template.

Can it really be that simple?!

Yes. These templates are PERFECT for business owners who want to create awesome visual marketing WITHOUT the designer price tag, without the designer waiting time, and without the stress of understanding a design product like photoshop!

Each template is ready to swipe and use in your business. All you need to do is customise with your message and your brand and GET IT OUT.

I’ve done ALL the design thinking for you. You don’t need to faff with layouts, positioning or sizing, just add YOUR content, and you’re done.


And the REALLY Good News…

You can get your hands on ALL my BEBO templates together with hundreds more when you buy my BEBO plus Get It Combo in my 50% flash sale. But it ends TODAY (Friday 14th November.) Details are HERE. 

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.53.04

Yes… That image was created using a BEBO template too!!

Don’t miss out grab it now and get cracking…

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