Crazy simple tool for creating content on the quick, that’s straight from your heart, no overthinking and means you can legitimately call that time scrolling Facebook work…

Ever just think, I haven’t got anything to say right now. Which you know isn’t true but maybe you’ve got stuck in a self-silenced rut, one you know you can pull your self out of just by showing up and saying something but somehow you’ve put unnecessary pressure on yourself over what to say.

How do you choose the right thing to come out of your self-silent coma with. And how do you do it consistently? What’s the point in popping your head up to then throw yourself straight back into your own silencing content void!

Well let me introduce you to one of my all-time favourite content creation kick starters, and it’s so simple everyone can do it, in fact, you’re doing it daily already.


Yup. Those things you sometimes find yourself having in real life with people, but always find yourself scrolling around replying on Facebook, whether you actually type any replies over there or not! If you ever look on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even your own inbox, you scroll by content opportunities daily, potential conversations that make you go ‘oooo yes’ or ‘hell noooo’ and all the varying responses between! Posts that start conversations in your mind, that fuel your opinions and give you a perfect opportunity to create content.

Your content mini challenge for the day. Do this every day for a week and end each day with a new piece of content you can share with your audience.


Step 1: Spend 10 minutes scrolling Facebook. 
It helps if you have your feed set to show your favourite people first – if you haven’t done this yet I recommend ‘staring’ 10 or so people who’s post you enjoy seeing, people who are sharing stuff that sparks something in you. 

Step 2: Look for posts that share something you like, love, hate. 
Posts that spark any kind of emotion in you, something that gets your goat, and you can use to continue the conversation. If you want to take it to the next level, actually start a conversation on the thread with this person, respond with your view on what they are saying.

Step 3: Open a black doc and continue the conversation with your self. 
Brain dump all your thoughts around the subject and BOOM ?There you have it, a new shiny content piece for you to share on your blog, post to social, or share out on email… much like this post today!

1 quick bit of content created with minimum effort all from your daily Facebook scroll. 

Now for the best bit…
Repurpose that beauty for maximum effect.

Turn your written content into graphics, videos, audio snippets, whatever and however many pieces you want. For some inspiration jump on my email list, and swing by my Instagram account and see if you can spot this same piece of content repurposed for these platforms.

And if you fancy joining me for a content-creation-fest, a bit of accountability to end the year strong with a calendar of content ready to bust into 2019 like that well-planned business owner you know you’ve got hiding in you! let me know over in the Facebook group and I’ll put something together for us. 

I’ll be doing this for myself towards the end of the month and if you’d like to join me I’d be happy to do it together.

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