How YOU Can DIY Professional Visual Marketing Graphics (Even If You’re NOT A Designer)

How YOU Can DIY Professional Visual Marketing Graphics (Even If You’re NOT A Designer)

This week, a new brand has been born…
(Cue happy dance).

Over the past few months, I’ve been working with the gorgeous Liz Archer from The Silk Bowerbird. Liz has been a delight to work with and together we’ve created a stunning new identity for her luxury range of travel goodies.

The new brand fits Liz’s personality just PERFECTLY. And now that Liz is clear on her brand style, she can infuse the feel across her entire business. 

Take a look at this picture, and you’ll see what I mean… 


This little package of party goodies came all the way from Oz to Bristol (and yes, the lollipop arrived in one piece!)

This is Liz’s launch party kit, and it just works. The luxury brand experience is clear (you can even sense it through the photo). What’s more, instead of the usual disjointed mismatch of “stuff”, Liz has perfectly woven her new brand identity through the whole package.

I’m super impressed with how Liz has brought her brand to life. (And I can’t WAIT to take that fabulous little travel purse to New York at this weekend – but more about that next week!)

First Impressions

Trust me, if you’re happily convincing yourself that design doesn’t matter, you’re kidding yourself.

Liz understands this and that’s why she’s invested to get her brand image nailed…

She knows that when you’re promoting your business, looks count – A LOT.

In today’s digital world, we’re bombarded with advertising messages. There’s so much noise. As a result, potential customers have no choice, but to tune out. They have to. Otherwise the noise is overwhelming.

This means if you want to stand out and earn your customer’s attention, then you have to make the right visual impression. Look, I don’t care if you’ve got awesome products and services. I don’t even care if you have amazing copy. Fact is, if the presentation of your expertise looks **it, customers will NOT hang around. They’ll just move onto the next shiny thing, and you lose.

So be honest now, isn’t it about time you gave some proper love and attention to your visual marketing?

But I’m not a designer, Dee

Ok, you got me there! Lack of design skills can be a challenge – but it’s NOT a deal breaker…

And yes, I know it’s not easy creating design that works. Hey, that’s why clients willingly pay five figures to have me create their personable brand and visual marketing materials!

But the good news is there are some simple shortcuts, which can make your brand look awesome – without the designer price tag.  And the surprising part is you already have three of my favourite design tools at your fingertips…


Put these Three Design Tools To Use In Your Business

Use your phone

Do you have a smartphone?

Does it have a camera?

If so, you’ve got one AMAZING design tool in your pocket – you’re just not using it yet! Pictures and images are a powerful way to communicate your brand’s message and connect with your target customer. It’s one of the reason image banks are so popular these days.

But please don’t use them!

I know, image banks are great, but be aware that a reliance on stock photos means you’re putting someone else’s identity and personality out there. Be honest now. Can’t you spot a stock image a mile off? And don’t you find stock images just a teeny bit clichéd?  

I know, “smiley business people in grey suits swinging heavy briefcases” does shout “business.” BUT no one believes your business looks like the photos. No one believes that’s you in the photo. And that’s why images you capture on your own camera are so powerful.

And you don’t need to be an amazing photographer to get your message across.

Here’s a super simple example, which expresses my personality, share’s my brand message, and stimulated conversation in my tribe. And I snapped it, edited it and uploaded it straight from my iPhone! Go on, Try it…


Use PowerPoint

If you’re not (and never intend to be) a professional designer, you DON’T need to invest in an expensive design suite to create a professional job. In fact, would you be surprised to discover that PowerPoint has pretty much all the functionality and tools you need to create an awesome piece of marketing?

Don’t believe me? Then get this…

Every single design feature, which you see on my ByDeesign website started life as a PowerPoint template (which I created)! Of course, I still use InDesign for some projects, but on my website I wanted to prove that quality design is possible with the tools you already have.

So my web banner, all the buttons, hey even the opt in forms all started life as a Get It visual marketing template. And with a template to guide you, you’ll find it’s easy to create professional looking graphics in minutes.

In fact, that’s exactly what Liz from The Silk Bowerbird did. That gorgeous party invite which you see in the picture above started life (you got it) as a Get It marketing template.

Here’s a screen shot of me creating the  header for this blog post over in PowerPoint right now…

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.14.56

Grab a FREE template

If you’re not a designer, you’ll struggle with the layout. For example, you won’t know where to put different elements of your marketing message. You’ll get stuck with sizing and positioning. In fact, even if you have a good idea in your head, by the time it gets on paper you may worry it will look rubbish!

And that’s why visual marketing templates work.

You see, a good template will do ALL the tough design thinking for you. For example, the template will show you:

  • EXACTLY where to position your main image
  • Where your headline should sit
  • How much smaller than your headline your subhead should be
  • How much bleed space to leave
  • Where to locate your call to action, etc.

In short, a template avoids a heck of a lot of unproductive frustration because you’re not sat looking at a blank page. You have a starting point (a really strong starting point). You’ve already got all that design know-how in place.

As a result, all you need to do is fill in the blanks with your message, your brand style, and your images and you’ll have a professional piece of marketing ready to go.

Are you up for a challenge?

If you’re ready to combine your smartphone camera, with PowerPoint, and a tried-and-tested visual marketing template I have a challenge for you…

I want you to create an e-book.

I want you to package your expertise and know-how using my FREE e-book template Kit. Simply download the template and use the video instructions to design a gorgeous pdf, which does justice to your brand and can help build your list.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 13.20.07

I’ve done ALL the design thinking for you. All you need to do is add your content, tweak the fonts, colours, and graphics and get it out.

Are you in? If so, please tag me on Facebook when your e-book is live and I’ll take a little peek. I can’t wait to see what you make happen when you get creative with your new design tools.




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