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It’s my birthday this week and I have to say that this year is the first year I’ve not been all that bothered about celebrating, no need for party hats and balloons any more – definitely an age thing but also a reminder of the one year anniversary of what turned out to be quite an eventful trip up the stairs – literally.

I’ve not really spoken much about this over the past year, it took me a little longer than I first thought to fully recover, and a lot has changed over the past year, but I’m 99% all recovered now, and surviving crazy accidents is certainly something to celebrate, so this year I’ve got a bit of a birthday treat for you. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see what that is.
But first.

What makes somebody buy something, or not?

Price? Availability? Location?

They sure do all play their part but what about the F word…


Let me show you a quick photo from the weekend, if you follow me on Instagram orFacebook you’ll have spotted this already… a quick snap from my birthday celebrations this weekend, an afternoon making pizza with our new toy…




Isn’t she a beauty.


Now this oven has got a bit of a story behind it.

We’ve always been a big fan of outdoor eating, it all started with a chiminea a very long time ago, and got a bit more serious when we purchased a Jamie Oliver fire pit, that beauty is still going strong. So the idea of a ‘proper’ wood-burning oven was high on our list of must haves while planning the big garden project.
We could have bough any number of pizza ovens, a quick google search showed plenty that were in budget, easy to get hold of and not that for from where we live. But none of them looked like this. None of them had previously caught my husbands eye on a number of trips to Portugal. None of the easy options met that picture in our heads of what owning a pizza oven should feel like.

Yup. It was those pesky feelings that made the sale.

Think about some of the things you’ve bought recently. What made you decide to buy? When you really look into it, when you dig a little deeper into the why, you’ll no doubt discover that how it makes you feel was the biggest trigger of all.

Why did you buy that car?
What was it about your house that made it the one?
And that holiday, how come you’ve got to go there?

When faced with the thought of feelings being the core reason people buy you might want to run screaming from the house you fell in love with, you’re not one of these in touch with your feelings types, you make clear logical decisions. Yup, that’s what I though too, until I really started to look into sales and how people respond to marketing.

I’ve invested a lot in getting to know the psychology behind what triggers sales. And I hate to break it to you but us people, well, we’re not all that logical, we don’t make decisions just based on logic. So no matter how good your thing is, no matter how much better it is, no matter if it’s cheaper, quicker, newer, shinier than all the rest. No one really cares about that. You can be the most logical choice and still not make any sales.

People don’t buy based on logic.
People buy based on how it makes them feel.

And what that is, is up to you.

That’s the job of your brand.

The colours, fonts, images, words. What you say, what you don’t say, how you look. Every element of YOUR BRAND sparks a feeling. And it’s that feeling that makes the sale.

Your brand is more than the colours, photos and fonts on your page – it’s about what those things make you feel, what emotions those seemingly aesthetic elements trigger and how those triggers get people reaching for their wallets.

How does your brand make people feel?

Does your logo, the colours, those photos you are using right now clearly communicate what you stand for and how you want people to feel about working with you? Each and every element that goes into your brand plays a part in the decision someone makes to buy, or not buy from you.

From the moment someone lands on your website, right up to clicking on that buy now button, you can and should use the experience, the feeling, that emotional reaction in a way that helps you make more sales.

While there is a lot about life you don’t have full control over, your brand, your website, the colours, fonts and images you use, you can and should control.

While the idea behind this is simple, applying this to your brand requires a little more detail than I can get into with you in this email. Which is why I have created a mini brand guide just for you. Walking you through the simple, yet crazily effective, step by step process I use with my 121 clients to ensure that your brand is working for you.

Click on the link below to download your copy and use this as the starting point for creating your visual brand identity that turns feelings in to profits.




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