The past few weeks have been quite intense and eye-opening for me.

Following an accident (which left me out of action for a few weeks), I’ve had to take more care of myself and rest more than I have in all the years I’ve worked for myself.

The good news is I’m back on form. So yesterday, I picked up a project I started planning out months ago. I have a huge desire to launch this project, but I’ve been putting it off because it’s big. Like really scary big.

But yesterday, I realised why I’ve been struggling to find any real momentum.

You see, for all those months, I was stuck looking at the project from the wrong side. My thinking was trapped at “Stage 1” because I was too focused on what the project meant for me.

Now don’t get me wrong. This level of thinking is critical for any new venture in your business. In fact, creating something for you is (and should) always be the starting point of any product development. That’s because you have to really want to do something, otherwise how are you going to give it your all? But let’s be open and honest here. If you let this Stage 1 thinking consume all your thoughts – if you spend too much time thinking about how you want it and why you want it, it’s inevitable you’ll get stuck.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

But then I had my accident…

It’s amazing what a bump on the head can do (literally). You see, when I picked up the project again, my “mistake” became clear. I remembered that figuring out your core desire and deciding what you want is only the starting point to creating a successful product. 

Fact is, you can’t hope to create something for others if you only think about it from this restricted perspective. You need Step 2. Specifically, you need to get clear on WHO you’re creating for, WHAT they want, and WHAT their core desires are.

In truth, I got distracted in my excitement and forgot this when I started my project all those months ago. But not yesterday. Yesterday was all about the people I love working with.

I’m talking experts. Business coaches of all kinds. Those inspired people who help other business owners grow and create the business and life that they love. Those are the people I really love being around. These people inspire me every day and it’s my life’s desire to inspire them to build their business with a personal profitable brand that’s based on who they really are.

Since I had this realisation, I’ve been on a roll! I’m making decisions, elements are falling into place, and the specifics that got me tangled in knots have magically unravelled.

In fact, I’ve made more progress in one focused day than I did over months of topsy-turvey thinking! And the funny thing is that this massive breakthrough came about when I took time to ask myself one simple question…

So I thought I’d write and share this question with you today – because knowing what you passionately believe everyone should experience is a fundamental part of your core personality. And that’s the starting point to creating your own profitable, personable expert brand.


What do you believe should
be true for everyone in the world?

Grab a pen and have a think. Then start writing “I believe everyone…”

You’ll be surprised at what this simple insight opens for you.

Here’s a snapshot of mine for you…



I’d love to hear yours, click on the link and share with us over in the Expert Brand Secrets Facebook group.


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