Behind-the-Scenes: Designing An Unforgettable Brand

As you’re here, I’m guessing you already know I work as a brand coach and visual designer for business owners launching their brilliance into the world. In other words, people who know what they do changes their customers’ lives, that what they have is a unique way of seeing, a brand of brilliance, that makes the world a little bit better. And now, they want to reach more people, change more lives, build their brand, all while living the life of their dreams.

This is the work I’m absolutely in love with but what does it actually look like?

How do I help you go from confused and overwhelmed, staring at a blank page wondering if there’s some sort of magic instant success button you’re missing on your laptop that everyone else knows about – to having a brand that even you’d be jealous of, if it wasn’t already yours, delivering you the clients of your dreams, and allowing you to spend your days doing what you love most… with clarity, confidence and shit loads of cash

Today I’m going to take you step-by-step through the CTFO process, this is the strategy I run through with all my private clients to help them get straight to the core of who and what they love so they can turn that vision they have for their business into the brand that gets them results TODAY!

Step 1: Core
– figuring out what YOU need

This is always the starting point, ALWAYS. What you want from your business matters so much more than what your clients want from you. Yes, clients are important, but if you don’t focus on YOU first, you’ll end up with a brand that sells you out! You’ll be making money but you’ll have that sinking feeling that something is off, that somehow you’ve built yourself a job you’re stuck in, rather than a business that inspires you and gives you the freedom to grow.

Step 2: Tribe
– figuring out who your perfect customers really are

The next step is understanding your customers, not just any-old-one that’ll buy from you, the people you really want to work with, yes it comes back to you again! You get to choose who these people are and the sooner you do the better you, your customers, everyone, will feel. This step has major ripples when you do the work. Understanding what makes your perfect customer perfect for you, will give you the tools you need to show your customers how perfect you are for them.

Step 3: Feelings
– creating an experience in your business that your audience can’t resist

If there’s one thing you can’t ignore in your business it’s the way you make people feel. Feelings hold the purse strings when it comes to whatever you’re selling, which we’ll get to next, but first designing your brand means designing the kind of feelings you want people to experience in your business.

Step 4: Offerings
– those things you think you’re selling

Of course, you need things to sell in your business before you can start making a profit, but what you think you’re selling with your offerings and what you’re actually selling – can be two very different things. Figuring out how you bring these together so that what you’re selling is what you’re really selling – that’s what this final stage is all about. Here we’re bringing all the internal and external elements of your brand together into the thing you show to the world, the thing that your audience falls in love with, the thing you fall in love with, over and over.

Here’s what one of my clients who’s been through the CTFO process with me has to say…

“Dee, thank you. This process has helped me get so clear on not only my visual brand but my overall vision for my business. I was getting so stuck in the day to day of stuff I had to do that I kept putting off looking at my own business in this way. Thank you for your process, your way of thinking, and your patience in helping me discover the things I needed along the way to bring so much clarity to my own brand”

So that’s how it goes on the inside of my brand coaching, and what it looks like for members of my Vision to Visual program. Of course, each business is different but the goal is to create a brand that will actually work for YOU and your life. As a busy business owner, you know that those “one-size-fits-all” solutions aren’t going to cut it, which is why this whole program is so very customised.

This program is for people like you who want to get known, who aren’t opposed to investing 121 in a brand coach, but you value understanding the process, you want to dive into the branding process for yourself, so that as your business grows you know you can tweak and grow your brand at the same rate without having to consult with brand experts and designers at every stage.

It’s for business owners who want to feel EXCITED by their brand, who want to feel UNAPOLOGETIC in the sharing of their offerings, who want to wake up, look at their website, be so in love with what they are seeing they can’t help but share it with everyone, knowing they have created something truly UNFORGETTABLE.

Ultimately you enjoy the freedom and control understanding the process gives you over the destination of YOUR brand.

Sound like you?

Keep an eye out for The Unforgettable Brand Bootcamp coming next month and I can show you how you can totally transform your business and life right now

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