You’ll always have a million things to do…

If you’re a coach, consultant, business owner who’s got an idea for a course but hasn’t yet managed to get it out there, this is for you…

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I’d like to invite you on a bit of a journey with me next week.

Over 5 days we’ll get together via video to share the steps I use to create online courses for my clients and myself. I’ve helped launch a few courses over the years and I’ve ‘failed’ at a lot of things along the way!

The biggest failures though are the great ideas that never get round to happening. You know the ones I mean, you’ve got them, they somehow slip to the bottom of your list because you’ve always got a million things to do and that idea for your course, you know it’s going to be big, and you know that means a lot of work, so you put off actually creating it.

Until now. Ideas and planning and thinking is all good, you need these things, but until you actually create your course, until you actually have workbooks and modules and videos and PDFs and all the marketing tools to help you launch, all you really have is an idea.

So if that’s you. If right now you’ve got an idea for your course, membership site or online product, that thing that’s going to help you reach your money-making-less-working-dream-life-living goals then I want to share some secrets with you from my own course creating experiences that’ll help you stop thinking and start actually creating your course.

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