Ben Gannon – Red Rainbow Cricket

Dee built our web site from the ground up with only the logo as a starting point, providing a professional look whilst adhering to our request for it to be both user-friendly and editable.

Being a web based company the need for a professional web site has been essential. As a means of growing our business and being able to speak to both suppliers and customers using the site as a reference point will be invaluable.

Having viewed previous web sites built by Dee, and needing a patient and friendly approach we decided to use ByDeesign as we felt our needs were both listened to and catered for. This has most definitely been the case and we are very happy with the product achieved. We also feel that Dee will be able to help the business grow in the future by giving marketing and branding advice.

We will certainly be looking to use ByDeesign in the future with regards to long term marketing strategies and branding requirements.