9 eBook Essential Marketing Must-haves


Death of the eBook?!

I’ve had a few conversations recently with people strongly believing that the eBook love affair is over.

It’s NOT.

With the ever growing tablet and e-reader community out there more and more people are feeling the eBook love. And what a simple, quick, and SUPER EFFECTIVE way to establish YOUR authority, build your profile, generate leads and position YOUR business in front of your Mr Perfect Customers.

And they don’t have to be a pain in the butt to create.

If you haven’t already downloaded the Ultimate eBook Lead Generation Template, no worries, I’ve popped the link at the bottom of this email for you.

But before you get started designing your eBook there are a few expert brand secrets I want to share with you.

I’ve put together my top 9 essential marketing must-haves for creating your eBook using the Ultimate eBook Lead Generation Template.

1. Eye-Catching, well designed, branded, cover.

Lucky for you, we’ve got this point covered for you. When you download your ultimate eBook template you’ll see an eye-catching well designed cover which has been crafted to follow the best of direct response design going. So all you need to do it edit the styles to fit your brand.

Note: Don’t be lazy though, make sure you do edit the colours, font’s and imagery to fit your brand style. Consistency is key when it comes to marketing your brand so make sure you spend a few minutes tweaking the design to fi tour brand style.

2. Descriptive, inspiring, makes-you-want-more Title.

Choosing a title isn’t always as simple as it first seems, but it’s worth spending extra time on this as your title can be the deciding factor on whether your perfect customers want to read your eBook or not. Choose a title that describes the biggest benefit they will get from reading your content in an inspiring, interesting, makes you want to keep reading way.

3. Added value sub title

Unlike blogs, emails, or social mead posts, eBooks require a level of commitment from your readers. Add a value bonus sub header to highlight and reinforce the reason why you need to read this eBook.

4. About you page

Now you’re past the front cover it’s time to add a little bit about you. This is not a place to go rambling about everything you’ve ever done but it is a good place to establish yourself as the expert you are and include a fun, friendly and interesting photo of yourself to help further build a connection. Make sure you’re looking at the lens in this picture you want people to connect with you and that means we need to see those eyes!

5. What’s in store

A simple overview of the content gives your reader a sense of what’s in store, how the eBook is structured and what and where to get what they want from the content. Use a traditional table of contents or a simple list of bullet points with page numbers – that’s up to you.

6. Visual elements

Your branded visuals are not just for the front cover. Use visual elements through out your eBook to break up large chunks of text.

7. Social Share links

Encourage your readers to share on social media if they like and found your content useful

8. What’s next

In this case we’re creating an eBook that is the top of the chain when it comes to your marketing funnel. Although you must not go all salesy in here, remember your eBook content should be mostly giving in an educational, warming way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t sneak in a few subtle mentions of your offerings. Just make sure they are subtle with a clear next step for getting more information from you.

9. The final CTA.

The very last thing you want to include in your eBook is a final Call To Action. Be clear and non sales but make sure you have an obvious and easy action for your readers to all take at the end of your eBook.


Download your FREE Ultimate editable eBook Lead Generation Template here

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