5 Things You Must Do If You Want to Launch your Thing This Year

If you’ve ever tried to create a digital product and found yourself so close to having it all together but then ——— you hit a wall.

A big Imposter Syndrome looking wall that is too large to overcome.

You can find a whole host of statistics online around this but I’ll be honest, don’t go looking, those numbers will not make you feel good! So WHY is it like that? Why is it so hard for the average person to start and finish their ideas.

Well, you are NOT alone. Look around, you’ll find a lot of unpublished products, books, courses, big ideas laying around you at the bottom of that wall. Truth is a LOT of people want to be the next amazing course launcher but not many people can actually do it.

To put things into perspective, I recently read an article that scared the crap out of me. Most business owners who start creating digital products never actually FINISH them.

I’ve worked with plenty of aspiring creators and pretty much all of them struggled with what I like to call The Imposter Loop. The Imposter Loop is something all aspiring creators tend to experience, it comes in two stages and it goes a little like this:

Stage 1:
Yay! I have a great idea
I’m going to think it over and talk about it to as many people as I can…
Oh and I need some resources…
Ok so I need to read ‘mr soinsos’ book about launching great ideas…

And if you make it out of that loop, there’s another one waiting for you…

Stage 2:
This is THE idea, I’m going for it…
I’m going to switch off all distractions and get cracking…
Just going to search for things I like the design style of for reference…

Seem familiar?

YEAH. It happens a lot. So what can you DO about it?

Here are 5 things you MUST do if you want to actually launch your idea this year…

Stop telling EVERYONE about your big idea

I GET IT. You get thoroughly excited and want to tell everyone about your new idea for your big course. And that’s great, as long as the people you talk to are equally as excited about it. If not, you’ll find that your enthusiasm starts to wane. You start to question yourself. You hit Imposter Syndrome wall, and that great idea you had slides straight down into a pile of other brilliant ideas that hit the Imposter wall! While it is important to have someone to brainstorm with and validate your ideas, you need to work with someone who actually KNOWS what they are talking about and knows what’s best for YOU. That’s not your best friend or husband, even though they are both AWESOME. You want to hire someone who will be SUPER excited about your project and can give you advice that will actually STRENGTHEN your ideas and not hold you back.

Get some accountability

Everyone needs accountability, but not everyone needs the same kind. If you’re stuck in the Imposter loop you’re going to want different accountability depending on the stage of loop you’re in. Make sure you find an accountability partner who is ready to help you understand the look you’re in and get out of it for good.

Get organized

We all need it. Whether it’s a fancy system, a google spreadsheet or a good old fashion notebook. You need a plan. And you need to stick to it.

Go on a knowledge fast

If you want to start creating content you’ve got to stop consuming it! If you’ve been putting off creating because Imposter Syndrome creeps in then I am here to tell you, you already know enough.

Stop consuming and start creating.

Develop a ritual that will keep you cracking on

Even the most rebellious in us love a good ritual, like coffee first, or going for a run at 4pm. We live our lives on schedule. If you don’t plan time for it, it’s pretty likely it won’t happen. Decide on a ritual that works for you. Block out time in your diary to do the work and do it. Make it a non negotiable. And stick to it.

If you do those 5 things you WILL launch your idea this year.

It’s a process I’ve been through myself and know a lot of business owners have had great success with.

Sure, you can do all of this alone BUT if you are really serious about launching your thing, you can’t keep moving forward the way you’ve done things before.  You must try something different if you want to stop the Imposter Loop.

Keep an eye out for The Unforgettable Brand Bootcamp coming next month…

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