4 ways to give your website a face lift

When the bulk of your work lives online, it’s easy to lose a fair bit of time clicking around random websites. I know I do it myself. Sssh! It’s allowed. It’s “research”.

I’ll click on a useful looking article in my newsfeed, read it, then click on That Other Great Thing it’s linking to, and The Even Greater Thing that one’s linking to. Before I know it, I’ve done a whistle stop tour of the whole internet, and I’m sat here nursing a cold cup of coffee.

It’s really easy to lose these huge chunks of time when the sites you peruse are excellent… but reading something on a less well-maintained website can feel like a massive time suck, and often just leads to the closing of the window in frustration.

That’s not what we want.

We don’t want potential customers to storm off in a rage. We want to keep them with us for as long as possible. We want them to engage with our content. We want them to opt into our mailing lists. We want them to buy from us.

So how do we make sure we have that first kind of website? That enticing can’t-tear-myself-away kind?

It’s simple, really.

All you need to do is set yourself some time to revisit and revamp your website. I mean that literally. Book yourself a couple of hours every few months to tighten the screws and buff up the paint work.


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There are a many a homepage out there that contain everything but the kitchen sink. Ads, affiliate graphics, mini Pinterest feeds, long-form disclaimers, contact forms… Get all of this crap out of your sidebar. It doesn’t need to be there. It impacts load times and distracts visitors from what you actually want them to do – stay a while, get to know you – and hopefully sign up to your list.

Remember, your homepage is not your about page. Nor is your work with me page, your contact page, or your FAQ page.

That means your homepage should not contain your life story. It should not list out every one of your products and packages. It should not contain 12 different ways to contact you. Keep it simple. Focus on one thing, the one thing you want your visitors to do next. The rest comes later.


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As a minimum your website should contain a visual representation of who you are , who you serve and how they can take the next step.

This could be a big header image with your face on it and some well-crafted words that talk directly to your perfect customers, or it could be a well-branded graphic showcasing what you offer. If you’re feeling particularly trendy you could even pop a video there.

Your core message should be glaringly clear from a single glance at your homepage.

If your message changes slightly over time, that’s ok. That’s what these regular review sessions are for, to make sure that your messaging is still in keeping with who you are and where you are in your business journey.


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You brand values are what have the power to connect you with the clients and customers you crave.

It’s not about playing around with design software and making things pretty.

Think of it like a speed dating sesh. You’re sat in front of God’s gift to womankind. Piercing blue eyes. Chiselled cheek bones. Just the right amount of stubble… but chat as dry as a piece of burnt toast.

Would you pick him or the next guy? The one that’s well-presented and smells great, with hilarious banter and a deep, abiding love of cats.

No brainer, right?

Your website should make visitors feel good, not just impress them with a flawless face.


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Updating your web graphics is a great way to overhaul your website without investing in a pricey designer or developer.

Unless you shift your whole business focus, your core brand isn’t likely to change dramatically. The physical elements, on the other hand, should evolve and change as you evolve and change.

Your images, web headers, photography, CTA’s… these can all be tweaked to appeal to the right people as you grow, and as you narrow your focus.

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It doesn’t have to be a huge job – I’m a big advocate for using templates to simplify the process. In fact, as part of my membership programme you get access to hundreds of easily customisable templates designed to make updating your website and launching new offerings quick, painless and professional.

It doesn’t sound like a lot, does it? A little tidy up a few times a year?

That’s all it takes though to really make a difference.

There are endless tools, tech and marketing trends out there, but to build a business that brings in the cash, you just need a firm grasp on the basics.





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