3 brand sucking mindfucks you can flip the feels on

The way you feel wins.

Your mind, it’s way more powerful than you give it credit for. But you know that. It’s a sneaky little tool that controls everything. 

Get the feeling you want to do something – betcha it happens. Have a striking feeling that, nah, you can’t be arsed with that – then SHOCK you don’t do it.

Our brain gets all the credit for being the decision-maker but it goes deeper than that – the way you feel really hold all the cards when it comes to those decisions.

I decided to take up running – now, I am by no means a ‘runner’ yet – but I’m out there, putting one foot in front of the other in a pace that’s quicker than walking. And last night in the final corner from my house I had a choice – to slow it down, I was feeling pretty done, and so very close to the end anyway – or pick it up and see how fast I could go if I wanted to.

I felt like seeing how fast I could go… so that’s what I did. I could have easily stopped, I was feeling all levels of tired, but instead, I wanted to achieve my goal.

There is no real difference between stopping and continuing to run for those few seconds more but it’s how you feel about those decisions that prove if it’s doable or not.

If showing up online and getting your brand out there FEELS like something that you want to do – you will do. If you don’t… well, I’m pretty certain that ain’t happening for you! 

The way you feel about anything is everything – it’s this invisible force that influences so much.

I can show you exactly what to do to grow your brand online, but it’s how you feel about doing those things that decide if you’ll actually take the steps and reach your goals. 

The good news is we are in control of how we feel. If there is one thing we actually have control over it’s how we feel and respond in any situation.

Changing the way you feel about your goal and you’ll find yourself there, on the other side, laughing at how hard you thought it might be before.

And it’s as easy as just deciding to change the way you feel.

Anyone can do it.

If you feel like you can you will.

So let’s do it now.

3 brand sucking mindfucks you can switch the feels on:

ONE: There’s already [perfect person] doing this online and she’s so much [funnier, better, more whatever] than me – why would anyone want to listen to me when they have [her]

Argh… the good old comparisonitis. It’s a killer of brands the world around. That there is someone already talking about the thing you want to talk about just proves there is a need for what is you’ve got. And as for them being [funnier, better, more whatever] that really is just your own bullshit stopping you for being seen for who you really are. Because no matter what they are – they can never be you. 

So let’s change the way we feel about this…


TWO: People will get bored with me if I show up all the time

Ok, so this one it’s really about being liked – you want everyone to like you. But you have no control over that. Whether you post a photo of your face online every day or not people are going to like or hate you as much as they decide. And that you can’t control. But when you don’t show up – you don’t get seen – and how can anyone like you, or want to work with you – if they don’t know you exist!

So let’s change the way we feel about this…


THREE: I don’t have a big audience so what’s the point in sharing my offers

Well hello, catch 22! I don’t have a big audience so hardly anyone will see my offers – so I don’t share anything and then my audience stays small! Look, I know there is a lot of talk about building an audience – an email list! and yes that’s important, but do you need 22000 people getting your emails or do you need 22 customers… the numbers don’t matter here that could be 220 customers or 2220… the fact is the size of your audience doesn’t directly dictate the number of customers – it’s not the numbers game some people will have you believe – especially when you are starting from 0. Before you think about the size of your audience focus on the results you get for your customers. 

So let’s change the way we feel about this…


So, how do you start making these new feelings real? 

You start saying them out loud, call it a mantra if you like, call it anything you like but when the brand sucking mindfucks show up, change the way you feel about them and everything will change. 

The path to creating a brand that your perfect customers love starts with YOU falling in love with your brand

Which brand sucking mindfucks do you struggle most with? 

Comment below and let’s talk about it.

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