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Design a logo with Instagram in under 2 minutes

** from the group: secrets of a designer ** Designing logos on Instagram, are you mad?! I love all things design. There’s no secret about it I’m a logo whore, in the best way, not in some label wearing way but in the way that sees me creating logo identities for every new product or service…

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MYM – Part 6: Screw Your Customer Avatar

Screw Your Customer Avatar – and what to do instead… The primary job of your business is to serve YOU. You’ve got to feel fulfilled and successful doing what you’re doing – only that way will you do your best work. That’s why YOU and your personality must form the CORE of your brand. Build…

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MYM – Part 5: Reality TV & Your Brand

What Reality TV Can Teach You About Branding and Business One thing I’ve noticed about adjusting to ‘mum’ life this past year – your social life takes a bit of a turn. Suddenly, it’s not so easy to head to the pub for an evening. In fact, most evenings I’m ready to curl up on…

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