Your brand isn’t a stunt, it’s a statement

Sharp strategy + daring design for ballsy business owners who want to build a profitable brand and leave a powerful legacy

You’re a go-getter business owner with a vision so volcanic it scares you sometimes. You have so many bold and brilliant ideas bubbling inside of you, ready to break the rules, start a movement, and change the world. 


Even though you’ve been in the entrepreneurial game a few years and you're already making good shit happen and making good money, you know you're only scratching the surface of your success. 


To become your audience’s favourite obsession, you need to turn all that inner brilliance into a cohesive brand that's strategically and creatively designed to elevate both your revenue and your recognition. 


But how? You're not clear on exactly how to pull all the pieces together — smart strategy, compelling messaging, irresistible offers, and daring design — and until you get that clarity you're not confident to put yourself out there in a bigger way. 


You’re DONE waiting any longer. You want to crack the fuck on, brand the fuck up, and stand the fuck out.


You’re so ready to turn your personality + purpose into profit + prestige.

A 100% you-infused brand.

Luckily, you’ve got the balls for it ;) 


It’s time to have your cake, eat it, and own the fucking bakery. 


You can do all of that with your PowerBrand.
A brand strategically designed to build you a profitable business and leave you a powerful legacy. 

That’s where I come in...   


Your ambition is burning, you know it’s time to go bigger. The problem? Your brand doesn’t reflect who you are or where you’re going.


Turn your big-ass vision into binge-worthy visuals that create brag-worthy results in just eight-weeks


Leverage your individual powers and imperfections and become your audience’s favourite obsession.

It’s not enough…

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discover your


You’re a whole mood, your brand should be too 

If you want to have your cake, eat it, and own the fucking bakery... you're in the right place.

I’m Dee, Brand Strategist + Creative Director for ballsy business owners who have the ideas (and the audacity) to change the world in their own unique way, and now want the cohesive brand that’s going to help them do it faster. Using my proven PowerBrand Process, which fuses smart strategy and daring design, I’ll turn your personality + expertise into profit + prestige. Strap in, this ride is going to be wild.